Top 10 Reasons to Serve in Nepal!

Applications for MCC’s one-year SALT and YAMEN young adult global exchange programs are now open for 2018-2019!  Why should you consider joining our MCC Nepal team next year??

1.  Learn from and serve alongside experienced Nepali partners


In Nepal, our work is partner-led, and we’ve been working with some of our Nepali partner organizations for many years. Serving in Nepal will give you the opportunity to learn from their grassroots expertise and connections to local communities.

2.  Conduct research in a hands-on context

All SALTers and YAMENers in Nepal develop and carry out a research project in consultation with their placement organization and MCC program staff. This is the perfect opportunity for curious minds to get hands-on experience in field research!

3.  Learn the beautiful Nepali language

Nepali is spoken by over 12 million people, and Nepal has a rich literary heritage to explore. All SALT/YAMENers are supported in six weeks of full-time language study prior to beginning their service and research.

4.  Enjoy delicious and healthy Nepali cuisine


From momos to tandoori to dudh chiyaa, there’s plenty of delicious food available in Nepal. Undeniably, food is a central feature of cultural and community life here. Each day, our partner organizations sit down together for a shared lunch of daal bhat, the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better and develop transformative friendships.

5.  Experience Nepali culture by staying with a host family

One of the greatest gifts of the SALT and YAMEN programs is living with a Nepali host family!  Living with a family offers a unique glimpse into every-day Nepali life, alongside opportunities for friendship, mutual learning, and language practice.

6.  Learn about other faiths


Nepal has a rich diversity of religions, including ancient sites of worship for Hindus and Buddhists, vibrant and growing communities of Christians and Muslims, and many religious traditions and practices specific to the various regions of Nepal itself.

7.  Enjoy epic scenery


Nepal is one of the highest countries in the world, and it also has some of the most varied geography. From trekking in the looming northern Himalayas to kayaking glacier-fed rivers to visiting the safari lands of Chitwan—Nepal has something for anyone who loves to adventure outdoors. In the dry season, the Kathmandu Valley offers consistent beautiful views of the mountains to the north.  And did we mention that you even get to trek as part of your job?

8.  Contribute to nutrition in earthquake-affected areas


Come to Nepal as a Community Development Assistant & Researcher, at MCC’s partner, RICOD in Chapagaun, Nepal!  The Rural Institute for Community Development (RICOD) works to support children, youth, and women in rural areas of southern Lalitpur district, many of which were heavily affected by the April 2015 earthquake. This position includes assisting RICOD with food security and nutrition activities, documentation and reporting. If you are passionate about the intersection between agriculture, nutrition, and community development, this is the position for you!  Check out the full job description here.

9.  Enhance the quality of life of those living with mental illness

Now accepting applications for a Mental Health Activities Coordinator at MCC’s partner, KOSHISH, in Kathmandu!  KOSHISH (the Nepali word for “try”) is a leading mental health organization in Nepal. It is active in advocacy as well as in rescue, treatment and rehabilitation of women living with mental illnesses. The KOSHISH Transit Home provides a safe place for women experiencing mental illness to stay during their initial treatment and recovery period. Residents usually stay for several months, often with their young children.  The Activities Coordinator will work closely with the Transit Home supervisor and staff team to promote recovery from mental illness and enhance the quality of life of Transit Home residents.  You can find the full job description here.

10.  Serve with the church in empowering marginalized people


And finally, consider checking out our Community Development Assistant & Researcher position at BICWS in Nepal’s Morang District!  The Community Development Assistant & Researcher will serve with the service arm of the Brethren in Christ Church in Nepal, assisting with rural agriculture and health projects and providing support with English-language reporting and documentation. BICWS works with rural landless communities, seeking to improve health and livelihoods, and empower highly marginalized people in one of the most diverse areas of Nepal, close to the border with India in the Southeast.  The full description is available here.

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