From Migration to Meaningful Work

Migration from rural to urban Nepal and abroad is having a massive impact on Nepal economically and socially.  Nepal’s Department of Foreign Employment reports that an average of 1,750 people leave Nepal every day to migrate for employment, the majority headed for Gulf countries.  While remittances contribute toward poverty reduction in Nepal, migration can also lead to a breakdown of family and community structures.  Youth in particular report that do not see opportunities for meaningful work in their home communities.

One of the ways that MCC is responding is through vocational training support for marginalized youth in Jahada Rural Municipality, Morang District, in partnership with the Brethren in Community Welfare Society.  With scholarship support, young men and women graduate from a variety of vocational training programs with new skills and a renewed desire to contribute economically to their home communities.

Sujata, VTP

Sujata Shing received a scholarship to attend an 18-month Auxilary Nurse Midwife training program. She now works at the local health post and has delivered over 100 babies!  There are 9 members of her family, and her income now helps her brothers and sisters continue their studies.


After receiving a scholarship and completing a 3-year Health Assistant program, Prahad Rajbansh opened his own pharmacy 6 months ago.  He is now able to source medications and provide information to his community on basic medical conditions.


Finally, Umesh Rajbanshi received a scholarship to complete a 2 ½ year IT diploma.  Seven months ago he opened his own shop in Harinagra village where he provides cell phone repair, photo printing, fan repair, and internet services.  He reports that the cell phone repair work is especially profitable in his village.