Celebrating Earthquake Reconstruction Efforts in Okhaldhunga

A big congratulations to our partner, SAHAS, as well as to our MCC team, on the successful conclusion of the 3-year Post-Earthquake Recovery Initiative in Okhaldhunga District!

1. Januka

Janukadevi Sunuwar is a keen tailor who spends most of her time sewing clothes at her home in Khijichandeshwori, Okhaldhunga. After receiving training and seed money from SAHAS, she is now more capable in many people’s eyes and has served many people in her community. She earns around Rs. 100 for sewing a simple shirt.

2. Niddhi

Niddhi Bhakta Sunuwar is a dedicated farmer who is growing vegetables in his plastic greenhouses, including tomatoes, cabbage, beans, and leafy vegetables. One of the three plastic houses he owns was supported by SAHAS.

3. RM meeting

SAHAS and its member community-based organization, LDCDF (the Likhu Demba Community Development Forum), organized a final closing program for the 3-year earthquake project in Khijifalate with stakeholders from the Khijidemba Rural Municipality.

4. Kalawati Sunuwar

Kalawati Sunuwar and SAHAS Program Coordinator, Narayan Ojha, discuss goat keeping methods. Narayan advised to build a trough for goats to feed from, as goats tend to get sick when they eat foliage from the ground. The goat owner, Kalawati, had already revolved all five goats which were earlier supported through a revolving loan from SAHAS and LDCDF.

5. Dance

Project staff from SAHAS, LDCDF and MCC celebrated the success of the PERI project by hiking and dancing on the way to Okhaldhunga’s beautiful Demba hill!

Photos and stories by Avash Kharki

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