Our Partners

MCC Nepal works solely through the following Nepali partner organizations who share MCC’s vision of empowering marginalized communities through grassroots development:

Brethren in Community Welfare Society (BICWS)

BICWS was established in 2004 to care for and provide education, peace training, and livelihood support to poor and marginalized communities of Morang District in the far southeast of Nepal.  BICWS is the social welfare arm of the Brethren in Christ (BIC) church in Nepal.  It seeks to develop and enable active citizens to take part in building a strong and healthy nation by improving food security, livelihoods and income-generating opportunities for highly marginalized communities.  MCC has partnered with BICWS since 2010.  Current MCC-supported projects include a food security and livelihoods project, and a vocational training program.

KOSHISH National Mental Health Self Help Organization

KOSHISH National Self Help Organization is committed to improving resources for people living with mental distress and psychosocial disabilities in Nepal, helping transform lives through psychosocial treatment, rehabilitation in short-term residential communities, and peer support networks.  KOSHISH also works to advocate for the inclusion, dignity, and meaningful participation of people with psychosocial disabilities in Nepal.  MCC has partnered with KOSHIS since 2012.  Current MCC-supported projects include support of KOSHISH’s transit home for women.

Nepal Christian Relief Services (NCRS)

NCRS has informally been involved in providing relief services to the victims of various natural disasters throughout Nepal such as floods, landslides, fires and earthquakes since 1993.  After officially registering with the government in 2006, NCRS has become involved in disaster risk reduction programs as well.  NCRS focuses specifically on establishing a network of church and community-based organizations that mitigate and respond to disasters through a non-discriminatory response.  MCC has partnered with NCRS since 2008 by supporting short-term emergency relief supply distributions, and a longer-term earthquake mitigation project.

Rural Institution for Community Development (RICOD)

Since 2001, RICOD has been implementing food security and nutrition projects to improve the nutritional health of women and children under the age of 5.  RICOD has a long history of working in remote, rural communities of southern Lalitpur district, delivering nutrition projects at the community level, mobilizing peer educators, and training Female Community Health Volunteers.  With its extensive experience and the fact that most RICOD staff are local to the area, RICOD has solid working relationships local government officials and with local community members who are actively involved in planning and implementation processes.  MCC has partnered with RICOD since 2003.  Current MCC-supported projects until a nutrition and livelihoods project, and a long-term earthquake recovery project for housing reconstruction and livelihoods rehabilitation.

SAHAS (Group of Helpings Hands) Nepal

The Group of Helping Hands (SAHAS) Nepal is a non-profit, non-government social development organization that works with socially excluded communities to empower them to overcome poverty, realize basic human rights and social justice, develop skills, and improve livelihoods.  In Okhaldhunga, SAHAS Nepal partners with 5 community-based organizations (CBOs) to improve food security.  In all of its planning and implementing processes, SAHAS prioritizes community empowerment, using a bottom-up approach with a special focus on the inclusion of marginalized persons.  MCC has partnered with SAHAS since 2013.  Current MCC-supported projects include a food security and livelihoods project, and a long-term earthquake recovery (housing and livelihoods) project.  

Sansthagat Bikas Sanjal

Sansthagat Bikas Sanjal (“Sanjal”) is a networking non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides capacity support to 18 member organizations (CBOs) across 11 districts.  Originally established in 2005 as a conduit for representing CBO networks to larger INGOs in Nepal, over the last 12 years Sanjal has supported its member organizations to implement food security, HIV/AIDS, peacebuilding, rural education, disaster response and community institution building activities.  These CBO networks meet together on a quarterly basis for review, planning, reporting and resource-sharing.  Sanjal’s mission is to transform marginalized and disadvantaged communities through building the capacity of community organizations by creating partnerships for mutual sharing between member organizations as well as facilitating connections to external resources agencies. MCC has partnered with Sanjal since 2008. Current MCC-supported projects include a rural education program and a youth peace-building and leadership development project.

Shanti Nepal

Shanti Nepal was born from a shared vision of experienced community development and health professionals with a passion for helping people in need and demonstrating Christ’s love and concern. Shanti Nepal facilitates sustainable social development through mobilization and empowerment of poor and marginalized communities and through partnership with local organizations, government organizations and churches.  Shanti Nepal has extensive experience working at the grassroots level and integrating technical know-how with community strengths to build livelihood opportunities, as well as building strong networks with local government officials.  MCC has partnered with Shani Nepal since 2009.  Current MCC-supported projects (all located in Dhading district) include a food security and livelihoods project, a WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) project, and two longer-term earthquake recovery projects.