Our Partners

MCC Nepal supports programming through the following implementing partner organizations that share MCC’s vision of empowering marginalized communities through grassroots development:

Brethren in Community Welfare Society (BICWS)

BICWS is registered in Morang District since 2004 (and affiliated with SWC since 2006) and works primarily in Jahada Rural Municipality.  BICWS’s work focuses on improving food security, livelihoods, educational and income-generating opportunities for highly marginalized and landless communities.   MCC has partnered with BICWS since 2010, and currently supports a food security and livelihoods project (funded by Growing Hope Globally), vocational training program, and rural education project (jointly implemented by HRDON).

Hilly Rural Development Organization of Northern Morang (HRDN)

The Hilly Rural Development organization of Northern Morang (HRDON) is a small NGO working in Northern Morang in Rural Education. They work in the remote hilly areas, supporting improved education for children who otherwise would have little access to school. HRDON is focusing on child-friendly pedagogy, and improved educational facilities.

KOSHISH National Mental Health Self Help Organization

KOSHISH is registered in Lalitpur and affiliated with SWC since 2008, although project participants come from throughout Nepal.  KOSHISH is committed to improving resources for people living with mental distress and psychosocial disabilities through community-based and emergency psychosocial treatment, short-term residential rehabilitation, peer support networks, and advocacy for inclusion and meaningful participation of people with psychosocial disabilities.  MCC has partnered with KOSHISH since 2012, and currently supports KOSHISH’s transit home and community reintegration program for women diagnosed with severe mental illness.

Rural Institution for Community Development (RICOD)

RICOD is registered in Lalitpur District and affiliated with the SWC since 2001, and has a long history of working in remote, rural communities of southern Lalitpur.  RICOD collaborates with local government bodies to deliver nutrition and small-scale gardening projects at the community level, mobilize peer educators, raise awareness about basic health services, and train Female Community Health Volunteers.  MCC has partnered with RICOD since 2013, and currently supports a nutrition and livelihoods project (funded by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank), and an earthquake recovery project for housing reconstruction and livelihoods rehabilitation.

SAHAS (Group of Helpings Hands) Nepal

SAHAS Nepal registered as a local NGO in Lalitpur in 1996 and became affiliated with SWC in 1999. SAHAS builds the capacity of community-based organizations (CBOs) from socially excluded communities in Okhaldhunga, empowering them reduce poverty, develop income-generating skills, develop climate resilience, and improve food production and livelihoods.  MCC has partnered with SAHAS since 2013, and currently supports a food security and livelihoods project (funded by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank), and a long-term earthquake recovery (housing and livelihoods) project.  

Shanti Nepal

Shanti Nepal is a social development organization that was registered as a local nongovernmental, non-profit organization in 2003. Shanti Nepal facilitates grassroots-level sustainable development in Dhading District through mobilization and empowerment of poor and marginalized communities and through partnership with local organizations, government bodies and community-based organizations.  Focus is given to improved agricultural production, livelihoods and WASH facilities.  MCC has partnered with Shani Nepal since 2009, and currently supports a food security and livelihoods project (funded by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank), a WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) project in northern Dhading, and two longer-term earthquake recovery projects.

Partners and friends of MCC gathered together in July 2019 to celebrate MCC’s 10 Year Anniversary of programmatic work in Nepal.