Recovery and Resilience: Update on MCC’s Earthquake Projects

More than 3 years have passed since the devastating earthquake that rocked Nepal in 2015, and Nepal’s rural communities are demonstrating time and again their resilience and ability to rebuild.  MCC’s partner organizations continue to work diligently at supporting communities throughout the long process of rebuilding their homes and livelihoods.  We invite you to meet a few of these community members:

Meg Bahadur Tamang and his son, Deviraj Tamang, stand in front of the goat shed Deviraj made after receiving training in goat shed construction provided by MCC partner, SAHAS.  MCC Nepal is partnering with SAHAS in Okhaldhunga District to support post-earthquake reconstruction, livelihoods and WASH recovery efforts.
Tanka Maya Basnet also participated in the SAHAS goat shed construction training in Okhaldhunga, and received grant support for construction materials.  Once participants complete their sheds, they receive five goats as livelihood support.
Nani Babu Pariyar built his own earthquake-resistant house with the help of his wife and daughter.  Having previously worked as a tailor and mason, he participated in a mason training program offered through SAHAS so that he is now qualified to assist others in rebuilding earthquake-resistant homes in Okhaldhunga.
In Palpa District, masons trained by MCC partner, Sakriya Sewa Samaj, work together to dig the foundation for a new home.  Altogether, 69 masons received training through Sakriya on proper housing reconstruction.
Sunita Tamang shows her newly built plastic tunnel system for growing vegetables in Bhardeu VDC of South Lalitpur, Nepal. She mentioned that this was her first attempt at growing vegetables in a tunnel, but thanks to RICOD’s training she now has extensive knowledge of natural fertilizers and pest management.  MCC works with RICOD to provide top-up housing support, livelihoods and agriculture training and inputs, and WASH facilities in earthquake affected communities of remote, southern Lalitpur District.
Bishnu Bhatta, Program Coordinator at MCC partner Shanti Nepal, shows an irrigation canal that was constructed in Dhading District.  The canal was previously obstructed by the earthquake and subsequent landslides.  Thanks to material support from Shanti Nepal, the canal is now again supplying water to 48,330 square feet of land in Dhading.  MCC partners with Shanti Nepal to implement health, livelihoods, and WASH recovery efforts in 6 VDCs of Dhading.
A new water reservoir serving almost 90 households stands atop a hill in Lapa VDC in a remote northern area of Dhading District.  It was built with material support from Shanti Nepal, including cement and sand.  MCC’s program staff worked closely with Shanti staff to discuss usage of the drinking water system for the village.
A board entitled, “Ten Things to Consider While Building Earthquake Resistant Houses” is posted in Dabkha village of Ramechhap District.  In Ramechhap, MCC partners with Sansthagat Bikas Sanjal and CDS to support housing, agriculture and WASH earthquake recovery efforts.


Photos by Avash Karki, MCC Nepal Earthquake Program Support Officer

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