Empowering Youth in Dhading

On February 21, youth from throughout Thakre Rural Municipality in Dhading District gathered energetically to march through the streets with signs and slogans that sent a clear message to their community: say no to drugs!


For many of these youth, active participation in this kind of a social campaign would have felt foreign to them just a year ago.  However, after a year of participating in the Youth Leadership Development Program, facilitated by Sansthagat Bikas Sanjal and their member organization, CIRDS, youth feel empowered with new knowledge and skills specific to peace-building, inclusion, conflict mediation, advocacy and grassroots social activism.  After completing two intensive modules of training, participants map the needs and priorities of their communities then design and implement their own unique social campaigns in response.


Participation in the recent anti-drug rally gave the youth yet another opportunity to be a positive force in their communities, connect with local government representatives, and gain experience organizing a social campaign.  This is Nepal’s next generation of leaders, and MCC is pleased to see the immense impact of their efforts!




Photos by Prabesh Raj Joshi, Peace Officer, Sansthagat Bikas Sanjal

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